Conscious Swim MAKES children’s swimwear out of ECONYL® yarn. A 100% regenerated nylon fibre, made from nylon waste and recycled abandoned fishnets recovered from the ocean floor.

Conscious Swim Is . . .

A children’s swimwear brand with exceptional eco credential, encapsulating the playful spirit of the Australian beach.

At Conscious Swim we are passionate about the environment, humanity and preserving the future of our children’s playground.

Having worked in the fashion industry and seen how globalisation and fast fashion have consumed us to the point of stuffication, we wanted to create a brand that inspires and educates and that raises awareness of the beauty and fragility of our oceans, through responsible design.

We all love our oceans and the amazing creatures that call it home, but it’s under threat and now more than ever, we need to shine a light on this problem and raise awareness by educating and inspiring future generations.

With every purchase we donate $1 to charities working to preserve the Great Barrier Reef, to help fund the invaluable research programs in place to save one of the world’s great natural wonders.

We will also be offering exclusive pieces and tie ins with all proceeds being channeled towards specific reef projects, see HERE for more info. Conscious Swim brings together both great design and education, to inspire a whirlpool of new smart ethical ideas.

Conscious Swim Makes . . .

Swimwear for boys and girls ages 4-12.

Conscious Swim is inspired by a love of the Australian shoreline, the enormous blue skies that stretch forever, the warm golden sands and the hours spent exploring in our ocean playground.

All the swimwear is made from an amazing eco friendly fabric that is kind towards nature.

This fabric is comprised of 78% ECONYL®  fibre a regenerated nylon yarn made from upcycled ocean plastic, like used fishing nets along with 22% elastane (Lycra Xtra life).

Benefits Of The Fabric

  1. Excellent UV protection (UPF 50+)
  2. Super soft and smooth with excellent shape retention for a perfect fit
  3. Resistant to sun creams and oils
  4. Durable, lightweight and breathable
  5. Crafted from regenerated ocean waste

Get Involved!

Do your bit.

Conscious Swim Hates . . .

If we are to believe the scientists, 2048 seems to be the overall accepted deadline for the collapse of all commercial fisheries, already by 2025 all the coral reef ecosystems in the world will be gone.

Leading environmentalists see the end of most sea life happening within the next 6–16 years.

Human over-population and over-consumption of resources are the primary threats and they bring chemical, oil, noise and plastic pollution with them.

A massive amount of plastic trash ends up in our oceans every year, as a result the ocean currents have formed five gigantic, slow moving whirlpools where the plastic collects, nicknamed Vortex.

If we fail to clean up the plastic and stop the continued pollution of the oceans, we are facing the potential extinction of many sea life species and the interruption of the entire ecosystem.

Half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans . . .

Our oceans are the most important ecosystem of our planet. they are the fantastic blue unexplored universe beneath us, but If we continue on our current polluting path this could be lost.

Our planet is suffering and we now all need to become the solution not the problem.

At Conscious Swim we want to be part of the environmental movement for change, by building a community of like minded individuals, all having the same vision and a shared knowledge.

Together we can make everyday choices that will preserve the future of our planet and it’s oceans!

Get Involved!

Do your bit.

Conscious Swim Cares . . .

About the environment.

Conscious Swim is Australian designed, printed and made. We have kept our Supply chain close to home so we can minimise our own carbon foot print. Our digital prints are created and printed in Australia.

About minimising our impact.

We aim to keep all our labelling to a minimum and we will be sourcing recycled and recyclable labelling solutions where ever possible. If you love our swimwear and become a repeat customer, you will be able to opt out of labelling on your future purchases.

About inspiring and educating.

We see a future where we educate our children in their own school environment so your children can learn about the pollution in our seas and the amazing work being done to tackle this global problem by turning waste into something good for generations to come. They will be able to connect and become part of the solution….become ambassadors for the cause.

About supporting and giving back.

At conscious Swim we believe in supporting and contributing to finding the solutions that will help preserve our oceans, with this in mind we pledge a percentage of gross sales to marine conservation and the protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.
The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

Conscious Swim Vision . . .

The future for Conscious Swim is exciting. Our ultimate goal is to create a closed loop system, whereby you return your old much loved Conscious Swimwear and we will reprocess them back into new fabric, thus avioding land fill and reducing water, energy and virgin raw materials usage.

Get Involved!

Do your bit.


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