Chapter 2 – The Vibrant Reef

Chapter 2 – The Vibrant Reef

Feb 25, 2018 | News

Chapter 2 is all about the colours, corals and creatures from the Great Barrier Reef, that inspired our girls ocean print.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most magnificent wonders of the natural world, with its distinctive colours and beautiful wildlife, combined with a vast array of marine animals.

The Coral Reefs have an amazing biodiversity and house approximately 25% of the life in the Ocean, yet only make up for about 1% of the Ocean floor, you can imagine how busy, crowded and colourful they can get.

The Great Barrier Reef relies on its biodiversity, from the animals, plants and algae to the micro-organisms too small for the eye to see.

It’s this biodiversity that builds such a remarkable ecosystem.

Spring/Summer 18 sees us collaborate with the very talented local Sydney textile designers Mara Irri who are also part of our community of creatives with a passion for responsible, ethical design and manufacture.

“Inspiration is all around us, especially in our Ocean here in Australia…..We were inspired by the colourful corals and marine species around the Great Barrier Reef. We wanted to weave stories and conversations into each print and in doing so build awareness of the fragility of the ecosystem.”
The prints have been hand worked and carefully researched. Using a layering of techniques, colours and textures to create a watery Reef landscape.
Spoon and Tape seagrasses are transformed into vibrante colours that float alongside tiny shrimp and krill.
The shrimp and Krill at the Great Barrier Reef are among the most diverse and active animals. There are at least 1030 species.
Our beautiful reefs around the world are suffering from global warming and pollution which is causing what is known as coral bleaching, a reaction from the species when it loses its pigmentation.

It is believed to be a sign of stress of the coral polyp and if a coral undergoes bleaching for a long period, it eventually dies.

This is a concern for all of us and a need to find the solutions to Global Warming, Climate Change and Plastic Waste.

We need to protect and preserve our Ocean playground for future generations to be inspired, as we have been.

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