QANTAS rewards conscious swim

QANTAS rewards conscious swim

QANTAS rewards conscious swim

by | Jan 19, 2019 | News

It was a normal run of the mill Wednesday morning

In mid November last year, nothing special happening, just, well you know, ordinary.

That was until my phone rang………

A quick glance revealed a number I didn’t recognise, shall I answer it I said to myself, or should I let it go, like we all do……….”can I be bothered?”

But I thought, “maybe you should answer that”, it might be important, It might be school,  just press the little green telephone.

And boy am I glad I did, , because this was the day that Qantas came a calling.

On the other end of the phone was one of the Marketing Managers from the Qantas Business Rewards Program – the Qantas loyalty program that rewards small and medium sized businesses with Qantas Points and savings on business spend, of which we’re a member.

The conversation went something like this………

Hello – Am I speaking with Nick?


Yes Nick speaking.


Hi this is Qantas Business Rewards…

And like most people I thought to myself, “Oh why did I answer?

I’m pretty busy now, so I don’t really have time to talk about the Qantas Points in my Business Account.

Hi, what can I do for you?


Well Nick (Said the lady from Qantas) I have some good news for you !

It was at this point I became very happy to continue the conversation, we can all do with good news right?

I listened on….

Well Nick, she continued, Conscious Swim has been put forward for consideration as a potential candidate for the Qantas Business Rewards search for Businesses doing it differently, you have made the last eight and if selected as one of the two recipients, there will be a great deal of free exposure, for a period of six weeks or so, early in 2019.


Would you be able to confirm if you are interested ?


Hi Nick are you there?

You will of course have realised by now that we did get selected, we were delighted to learn that we had been chosen as one of the two small businesses doing things differently, (here’s to you Hartshorn Distillery Tasmania ) that Qantas have chosen to support and we are totally blown away by this amazing opportunity – thanks nice lady and more importantly thanks Qantas Business Rewards !
So after two days of photoshoots and a very busy start to the year, its today, Jan 21st 2019 that our little brand could really take off (pun intended)

Take a look at whats in store……


These two videos will be appearing across multiple media channels, from Social media to catch up TV and in flight entertainment and various websites across the Qantas stable, quite simply the reach is truly amazing, I just hope we can keep up with the interest that this will no doubt bring us – (hey how’s the website looking guys?)

It’s not all digital either!

From the 4th of Feb – 4th March, you will also be able to see us featured on hoardings outside the domestic airports in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne as well as inside the airports on the concourse and the aero bridges, and that’s not even to mention the Qantas magazine !

The list goes on and on, with too much to mention here, suffice it to say, If you fly with Qantas at any time from now until some time in March there is a good chance you will notice a certain person splashed across a billboard.

Come and see us at Joyce Drive here in sydney where the hoarding image above will be in situ from 1 month from the end of January.

Here’s us in our Q&A on just how we do things differently.

To celebrate Qantas getting behind conscious swim just join our MAILING LIST and we will email you a discount voucher code for use at check out on your 1st order. (remember to check your spam folder if the email doesn’t arrive)

Just enter the code at checkout to receive a 15% discount plus free standard domestic shipping on your 1st order

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